Duplicate variables occurs in the database when using parallel gateway

When I update a process variable in the two branches of the parallel gateway, there are duplicate variables in the database.
I use flowable 6.7.2 and mysql 5.7
Has anyone encountered a similar problem?

If the variables have the same name, that shouldn’t happen, one branch should get an optimistic lock exception. Do you have a unit test to reproduce?

Thanks for your reply. I did unit test, This happened only once. I found that the same variable was created at the same time in database, that shouldn’t happen

No, indeed. Hence why I’m interested to reproduce this. But you’re saying you cannot reproduce it in a unit test?

I have encountered this twice in flowable6.7.2, but I can’t reproduce it, it happens occasionally. In flowable6.4.2, is reproducible, You can reproduce it with this flowchart.
I use this api : @PostMapping(value = “/runtime/tasks/{taskId}/variables”

Let me know if you need any other info

Hey @ZUI,

The flowchart is not really helping. Can you please provide a simple step by step scenario and your process model? Without it we can’t really help much.