Duplicate Decision Table Deployment

Environment Description:
Spring Boot 2.0.1
flowable-spring-boot-starter 6.3.0
IDEA Intellij 2018.1.2

Source code: https://gitee.com/lijinting01/israel/tree/master/israel-issachar
Using environment variables like ~~

Problem Description:
Decision Table Path: israel-issachar/src/main/resources/dmn/Insure_Process_Decision.dmn
What exactly i did was to modify the decision table once, and restart the application over and over again. The deployment count increases as the restart repeats.


The decision table was deployed five times, while only once the decision table was modified(by adding one more rule entry).

That’s strange, we’ve got a unit test that verifies that behavior: https://github.com/flowable/flowable-engine/blob/master/modules/flowable-dmn-spring/src/test/java/org/flowable/spring/test/autodeployment/SpringAutoDeployTest.java#L77

Is your Oracle DB having the same charset as your server where you’re running it on?

If you restart the application, do you see a new version every time?

UTF-8 is the only encoding we use.
And in deed, a new version created everytime the server restarts. :’(