DMN without database

Is it possible to use the DMN engine without a database connection ?
Currently we use the camunda DMN and this can be created without a database connection.

The scenario this would be for is using it to route traffic in a netty proxy depending on message contents and would need to very performent, thread safe and memory efficient.


would running the DMN engine using a in mem or disk H2 database also work for this?



In addition;

If you’re just interested in ‘just’ executing a Decision Table you could implement a solution using the .
(Without the history)
But then you loose the other APIs (for deployment etc) which need the persistence layer.


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that looks what I would need… don’t want any of the deployment or history…

seeing as you are the author, means I am talking to someone who knows so I can also ask:

  • is the FEEL engine also comparable to the camunda engine (and does not require a db) and support custom functions ?
  • do you support DRG’s as I didn’t see DRD support in the modeller ?


We currently do not support FEEL but have an expression language based on JUEL.
This means we have some user friendly ‘helper’ constructs available. (For example date helpers / collection related helpers etc)
Or you can use your own custom JUEL expression.
In additional you can hook in your own helper constructs.

DRD / DRG support is work in progress. There is no ETA but we’re hoping on the next major release.