DMN Input Entry String with Space doesn't work on reimport

We are working on decision table where input entry text is supposed to be some text value with space in it , it works fine when we edit and deploy in modeler.
However it doesn’t work on re import the dmn .

Here is the snippet

 <definitions xmlns="" id="definition_cdd847f3-35ce-11ea-aa09-0200003242ea" name="testDecision" namespace="">
  <decision id="testDecision" name="testDecision">
    <decisionTable id="decisionTable_cdd847f3-35ce-11ea-aa09-0200003242ea" hitPolicy="FIRST">
      <input label="test">
        <inputExpression id="inputExpression_1" typeRef="string">
      <output id="outputExpression_2" label="out" name="out" typeRef="string"></output>
        <inputEntry id="inputEntry_1_1">
          <text><![CDATA["Hello World"]]></text>
        <outputEntry id="outputEntry_2_1">
          <text><![CDATA["Test OutPut"]]></text>

Thanks in advance