DMN deployment thru JSON and Java, not getting displayed as Decision Table

I have created Java code to read the JSON and deploy the DMN in flowable 6.6.0. I am able to see the DMN got deployed and execute the rule also. Also I am able to see the deployment in “Admin App” at the same time i don’t know how to view the decision table of the deployed DMN from “Admin App”.
Please let me know, is there any way to see the decision table and export as DMN?
String dmnName = “demo”;
DmnRepositoryService dmnRepositoryService =
new StandaloneDmnEngineConfiguration()
.setDataSource(flowableDataSource) .setDatabaseSchemaUpdate(ProcessEngineConfiguration.DB_SCHEMA_UPDATE_TRUE)

ObjectMapper objectMapper = new ObjectMapper();
JsonNode decisionTableNode = null;

		decisionTableNode = objectMapper.readTree(dmnJson);

		DmnDefinition dmnDefinition = new DmnJsonConverter().convertToDmn(decisionTableNode,"abcd", 1, new Date());
		.addDmnModel(dmnName+".dmn", dmnDefinition)

Hey @venkata.rajamanickam,

The JSON representation of the DMN is meant for the Flowable Modeler and it is not considered as public API.

If you want to create DMNs programatically, I would advise you to do that using the DmnDefinition models.

For converting a DmnDefinition into an XML you can use the DmnXMLConverter.