Decision table based on collection length

I have a table with an array at root.members and I need to evaluate an expression based on the amount of members in the array. Specifically if root.members.length >= 10.

Hi @MsMay ,

Please, have a look at this DMN table with expressions and the corresponding JUnit Test.

Flowable supports JUEL expressions in DMN tables, but I’d suggest to prepare the required variables for the DMN table before. Expressions don’t make your DMN table more readable.


in addition to the previous reply. You can define custom JUEL expression in the Decision Table editor by wrapping the expression between ${} or #{}.
Mind; you are ‘on your own’ it that case; the expression will executed as is; and the input variable defined in the column header is not used to form an expression. When the expression results in true the rule element is considered as valid.

So in your case an expression could be defined as;

${root.members.size() >= 10}

depending on the type of members.

Hope this helps.