Debug with REST API

Hello all,

This thread explains how to view a process instance’s history using Java. How can I do the same using the REST API?

I am looking for a way to debug processes, i.e. to see where the errors are in the flow. Right now I can’t see any sort of audit trail to lead me in the right direction.


Hi Rob,

Audit trail (old):
there are java sources too

History rest API:

The best source for audit trail is event log. jUnit test: org.flowable.engine.test.api.event.DatabaseEventLoggerTest#testDatabaseEvents

and managementService

 * Returns a list of event log entries, describing everything the engine has processed. Note that the event logging must specifically must be enabled in the process engine configuration.
 * Passing null as arguments will effectively fetch ALL event log entries. Be careful, as this list might be huge!
List<EventLogEntry> getEventLogEntries(Long startLogNr, Long pageSize);