Deadletter Jobs vs REST API


Is there any existing REST API to monitor / resume Deadletter Jobs, or any plan to build one?
Note I have not found such API reading the documentation.
Currently, I use a custom resource to do that.

Would you accept a PR for that?

Hey @remibantos,

We already have such endpoint, perhaps it is not in the documentation. However, it is in the swagger documentation. I would suggest to you to have a look at the flowable-swagger-process.yml swagger documentation for the process engine.

With what we have currently you can:

  • GET /management/deadletter-jobs - query dead-letter jobs
  • GET /management/deadletter-jobs/{jobId}/exception-stacktrace - Get the exception stacktrace of a dead-letter job
  • GET /management/deadletter-jobs/{jobId} - Get a single dead-letter job
  • POST /management/deadletter-jobs/{jobId} - Move a dead-letter job into an executable job
  • DELETE /management/deadletter-jobs/{jobId} - Delete a dead-letter job

In case something is missing we would gladly accept a PR.

What exactly are you doing with your custom resource?


Oh, that is good to know.
Indeed it is missing in Flowable REST API documentation. Could it be added ?


Hey Remi,

Yes it can be added. Are you willing to provide a contribution with this changes? You can also open an issue in our GitHub tracker and maybe someone else can pick it up


Hi @filiphr,

Sorry I could not find time yet to contribute to the documentation.
I have successfully used this API to resume deadletter-jobs from my own GUI.


Did this PR to complete the documentation:

Hi could you please give API for same?

I tried with http://localhost:8080/management/deadletter-jobs , getting 404 HTTP response

@vipin-aikonlabs Did you miss webapp context in this URL?