Custom UI integration

Because the BPM Editor might be too complex for some I am searching on using a skinny REACT frontend with some basic functionality, for instance having a flow with an custom icon “send mail via MailChimp”
The flow I am trying to obtain is

· Design the flow
· Obtain a JSON
· Pass the JSON (with some in-between adaptation) to the BPM Modeler/Engine for execution.

a) which is the best solution to integrate the custom ui json output to a format the bpm modeler or the engine recognizes it?
b) could I use DMN to map the (skinny) modeler JSON to the modeler-expected JSON?
c) do you happen to know such frontend apps that provide a more simplified bpmn editor?

HI Roxana,

I would say it is much easier to customize designer, instead of finding some other tool to work with flowable.


In the end, the main thing you want to come out of it is the bpmn20 xml file. No need to do translation to the json of the modeler. Transforming from json -> bpmn xml can be done by constructing the BpmNModel programmatically for example.