Create Custom job in flowable

We have one task which needs to run in the background asynchronously, so we have one solution like create one cron job and run it manually when we request using rest call.

We have used a quartz job, and we can do that, but we need to add a quartz library into the flowable UI lib.

So is there any way or example to create a job using flowable and managed by way like manage flowable its own job?

Summary: we need to create a job that runs in the background and using flowable not using another library.

Flowable 6.6.0


Hi Sagar,

Yes, The simplest way is to create a process with a timer start event and do whatever you want to in the process. (easy to deploy and modify). Another possibility is to create your own job handler and handle job execution in it (JobHandler examples are in the source code).


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@martin.grofcik Thanks for the replay

Yes, we want to move that way like We create one java class and need to execute that class as a job.