Couldn't save Process Model in Flowable Modeler Portal


I am using FLOWABLE v6.1.0, Mysql Database and tomcat server v8.5.

On first attempt , I am able to create the Process model but I could not save or create again on next attempts.

I could not see any error message on the logs as well.

Please help fix this issue


I’ve tried the 6.1.0 on MySQL here … but i can open, change and save the model multiple times after each other…

Do you maybe see something in the console of your browser that might give a hint at what’s going wrong?

Appreciate quick response.

When I am trying to create or import a process model, the page just flicks and no response found.

Please find the error below from developer tools.

angular.js:9827 POST http://localhost:8080/flowable-modeler/app/rest/models 500 ()


would you rerun again using fresh tomcat instance with default configuration,
it’s hard to guess what’s going on

Sure, I will try with new tomcat instance. thanks