Contribution to the Flowable Modeler


Our team at Cleva Inetum is thinking about solving some gaps/bugs on the Flowable Modeler, and contributing the code.

The gaps are:

  • Adding the missing Case task activity Type.
  • Adding the missing support to potential start groups in a case.

We intend also to solve the bug of the sentry placement. In detail, when modelling in CMMN, if you pick the sentry activity (either the Entry Criterion or Exit Criterion) and drag it to a plan item, it doesn’t stay attached to that plan item the first time. After you drop the sentry the first time, you are forced to pick it up again and drop it a second time. If you forget to drop-and-drop a second time, it’s like that sentry never existed in the first place. We can send a video of this bug.

What do you think of these contributions? Would the Flowable team be willing to accept this code?

Thank you in advance.