Column 'exception_msg_' in table act_ru_deadletter_job gets truncated to 255


The column exception_msg_ in table act_ru_deadletter_job gets truncated at 255 characters but the max length of this column is 4000.

I have done this SQL request to verify this :

select exception_msg_, length(exception_msg_)
from act_ru_deadletter_job
where length(exception_msg_) = (select max(length(exception_msg_)) from act_ru_deadletter_job)

I get for each line the length of 255…So I suppose it is truncated somewhere in the code before being persisted.

Do you have any idea where we can configure this ?


Loïc Seguin

And it is apparently confirmed by this code in the interface JobInfo I suppose :

public interface Job extends JobInfo {

So I have created a feature request on

Thanks for your PR @slolo83. We have integrated this into main.