Collecting output for multiple DMN calls from BPMN


I want to call DMN rules for each record in a list and then collect output of each execution in a list. Can you suggest what are possible ways to do this in flowable?


You could do that for example by putting

  • a decision task and
  • a script task (or something else) for processing the results decision results

in a multi instance sequential sub process. Using the ‘list’ as the multi instance collection and the element variable for the decision execution.



Thanks Yvo for the quick response.

I was trying a script task. However when I set variable to execution, it gets set with null value as shown in /variables for current executions and of I add variable name/data it gives binary output. Thus I am notable to access the value from the execution.

Moreover, I am calling dmn from subprocess of call activity of main process. I want to set list variable to parent process instance. How do I do that. Not able to get superExecution from groovy script ! Get not found error.

Can you please help me with above 2 issues?

Thanks in advance.

Stay safe.