CMMN Task Create Time is not updated

I’m using CMMN and pushing the cases but for all tasks I’m getting the same create time.
The task always set the application restart time.
I’m using tomcat for backend JAVA application deployment.

Hello @mandip009,

Can you describe your case a bit more? The default is for tasks to auto start, so any task that is not blocked by an entry sentry should be created and start when the case is started. Take the following example:

  • Human tasks 1 and 2 will start as soon as the case is started
  • Human task 3 requires task 2 to complete before it can start.
  • Human task 4 is manually activated so it will not begin until you tell it to
  • Stage 1 requires Human task 3 to be completed before it will begin
  • Human task 5 starts as soon as Stage 1 begins
  • Human task 6 requires both Stage 1 to have begun and Human task 4 to be completed


Thanks wwitt,

Yes, I understood what you said but if i consider your example then the issue is after executing all entry conditions, manual creation and automatically creation at time of case initiation, create time is the same for all tasks.

Note: Create time is same as the time of deployment.

The creation time will be the same, as the plan item instances are all instantiated at the same time.
The activation time is what you’re looking for, this gives the time the plan item instance moves to the active state.