Close tasks if one flow is completed

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Excuse me, if this is a very basic process question about process flow.

I have few questions in this flow:

I need to have a process where I am expected to keep a User task open all the time for the user to upload/update any additional information in the flow.
In the diagram, I need to keep “Provide additional Data” task open all the time until TASK 2, TASK 3 and TASK 4 are completed. And Users can keep submitting data as many times they want until the bottom flow is open. And I need to auto-close the top flow once bottom flow reached to the END event.

Right now, after my bottom flow is completed, I still have “Provide additional Data” task open. Is there any event which can be used to close this opened task? Is there any better way to model such use cases.

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A terminating end event placed after task 4 will solve the immediate problem. When it is reached the process is ended and any open tasks will be completed.

This section of the process is a little clunky. If you may want to look at CMMN for cases like this where the flow is not quite as linear.

In CMMN, the same flow could be modeled like this:

Thanks a lot @wwitt. I will explore this.