Bug in ExecutionEntityImpl.getRootProcessInstance()

Is it OK, that if rootProcessInstanceId is null than read rootProcessInstance? I think no.
Flowable v6.3.1

protected void ensureRootProcessInstanceInitialized() {
        if (rootProcessInstanceId == null) {
            rootProcessInstance = (ExecutionEntityImpl) CommandContextUtil.getExecutionEntityManager().findById(rootProcessInstanceId);

You are right this doesn’t seem right @Jakub_Ferschmann.

Are you using the getRootProcessInstance method?

Will you be willing to provide a PR with the fix for this?


Ok, I can fix it, but I don’t know what does it mean PR.

PR is a Pull Request. Here is some more information about it. In a nutshell it is a way for people to push changes from their own repositories / branches to a different repository / branch?

@filiphr @Jakub_Ferschmann
I submitted this pr.


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Thanks @shareniu we’ll look into it