Autowire RepositoryService of Engine into UI-Modeler-Rest

Hello everyone,
I am a little new to Spring and I need some help.
I need to integrate the RepositoryService of the Engine into the Modeler. Specifically into the modeler-ui-rest Autowiring the service leads to an unsolved dependency and editing the flowable-custom-context.xml by uncommenting the line:
<bean id="repositoryService" factory-bean="processEngine" factory-method="getRepositoryService" />
But still the same output.
Also - since the previous editor used in the project I am working on was Activiti - I saw that the declaration of the RepositoryService bean was handled by the ActivitiEngineConfiguration. Correct me please if I am wrong.
Therefore I looked for the corresponding file in flowable and found it in the flowable-rest module. I added this module as a dependency into the flowable-ui-rest and added the “” into the component scan of the ApplicationConfiguration.
Still my Wildfly server is throwing a NoSuchBeanDefinitionException for the RepositoryService.

Can someone here help me resolve this matter?


Repository service as a bean is present only in flowable-task app.
Flowable-modeler communicates through rest API with flowable-task app and it’s repository service.
Use the same approach to access repository service in your customization.