Async task fails to execute because of rolled back transaction


I’m using Flowable (6.4.2) along with a datasource in a form of HikariCP (3.3.1) and H2 database (1.4.199), all in Spring (5.0.2.RELEASE)

I have trouble with asynchronous processing: My bpm contains a “sync” part which is followed by “async” part.

If I set HikariCP up with autoCommit=false, I get a message from hikari saying: “Executed rollback on connection conn101: url=jdbc:h2:mem:flowable user=FLOWABLE due to dirty commit state on close().” and Flowable then tries to start the async part and complains that “Job does not exist anymore and will not be executed. It has most likely been deleted as part of another concurrent part of the process instance.”

With autoCommit=true, it seems to work, but I have run in to some issues under heavy load and in addition, I have read somewhere else that Flowable expects it to be set to false (makes sense for transactions to work).

So my question: how big an issue is it to have autocommit enabled? :slight_smile:

Thank you