Apps permission - Modify Permissions

Hi Team,

We have created an Apps and wanted to restrict access to few user/groups. How to do that?

I was going through the documentation and found the below content but it seems its not working or I might be doing wrong configuration. Please help

The App Editor allows you to define its appearance, features and allowed users. You can set the following features for an app:

  • An icon that can be used to distinguish it from other apps.
  • A theme that, similarly to the icon, can be used to further differentiate the app both in Flowable Design and any other application, such as Flowable Work and Flowable Engage.
  • Groups of users that can access the app.
  • Specific users that can access the app.

If the groups and users are left undefined, all groups and users can access the app definition. Please note that the user and group restrictions only apply to Flowable Design and do not have any effect on the runtime behavior of the deployed apps. A number of actions can be performed on an app. These are available as buttons or in a dropdown menu in the app header area.

The documentation you’ve pasted comes from the commercial (Flowable Work) product. App permissions are not in the open-source version (unless you add it yourself).

We are using Flowable enterprise production license.

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