Any specific database administration experiences for production systems?

I’d be happy to know about the community’s experience with the maintance of the database, to keep flowable performant when there is a lot of activity.
I haven’t investigated a lot myself, and maybe some input can help me.

The reason I’m asking:

  • I’m having the feeling that one of my longer-running databases is getting slower.
  • It is running on a SQLServer database 2012
  • So far, I have never done anything related to database administration actions (it wasn’t needed)

Several years ago I worked with an application on an Oracle 10 database; and back then it was often needed to perform a REBUILD of indexes on tables that have a lot of inserts and deletes (like flowable also has ACT_RU_VARIABLE, ACT_RU_EXECUTION, …) . In Oracle -at least back then - indexes do not shrink when rows get deleted - and without a periodic rebuild they become slower because the index entries of of deleted rows are like ‘empty pointers’, still occupying some size on disk, and the DB engine needs to traverse this ‘index whitespace’ each time when accessing the index. Oh yeah and you needed the $$ Oracle Enterprise to perform an online rebuild of indexes.

So I’m a bit lazy and haven’t done any thorough research; therefore I dare ask: do you perform any DBA actions to keep a flowable database as performant as can be (preferable focused on SQLserver or postgresql) ? Rebuild indexes? exec sp_updatestats , and what have you not?