Advice on HTTP-Task (or other tasks) parametrization among environtments

Hi all,
This may have been aswered, but any good practice to paremetrize flowable objects among environments?
In particular, I’m trying to come up with a good practice to parametrize the URL endpoints of my HttpTasks among different environments (stage, dev, Prod, …)…any ideas?

Best regards.

All fields of the http behaviour are Expressions. So you could use something like ${yourRegistry.lookupSomething(‘someUrl’)} for example.

Hi, sorry for the delay answering.
No really sure what this “youregistry” could be.

What I need is somekind of parameters to be easily changed between environtment. I dont want to really in URLs as they can change between envs.

Do you know any example or BPMN object able to “load” variables/parameters from something attached to the flowable? For example:

  • Any object or snippet to load from a config table in the same flowable schema
  • OR, object or snippet to load from a XML / YML or so in the flowable-rest directory
  • Or something similar?


In this example, it’s a (Spring) bean, which could behind the scenes do a call to whatever registry system yu have.

Instead of then using ‘someUrl’ in the example above, use ‘someId’.

There’s nothing out of the box, but a simple service tasks should be able to do that trick.