Adding MapException to a Delegate, ScriptTask, UserTask element


I’m trying to add MapExceptionEntry to my tasks and delegates when I’m trying to publish the application. The log shows that the task contains the entry but after publishing the application the bpmn 2.0 xml does not contain the required tags(flowable:mapException) in the extentionElements tag. The version we use is 6.1.2.


I was able to solve the issue thanks to the Docs but came up with another one. My sub process’s boundary event is not able to catch the exception/bpmn error thrown in execution listener class. I’m using flowable spring 6.1.2 to create and execute the process. Will using the latest version solve the problem?


Hi Keshav,

Could you share a unit test showing the issue you are facing? Then we can try to reproduce it and see how it can be solved.

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