Add/Update process variables from flowable-admin not working

Hi everyone,

I am using Flowable 6.3.0 and cannot use the “Add/Upgrade” feature on process variables for a process instance in flowable-admin.

I didn’t use this feature before, so I may be using it wrong - can anyone verify if it is a bug and i should open an issue on github … or if it is an error on OSI layer 8 :wink:

I get the following error in javascript console when clicking on “+ Add variable” in the “Process Engine - Instances” view:

angular.js:11607 Error: [$injector:unpr]$injector/unpr?p0=caseInstanceIdProvider%20<-%20caseInstanceId%20<-%20AddVariableCtrl%20<-%20AddVariableCtrl%20<-%20AddVariableCtrl%20<-%20AddVariableCtrl%20<-%20UpdateVariableCtrl%20<-%20AddVariableCtrl
at angular.js:38
at angular.js:3997
at Object.d [as get] (angular.js:4144)
at angular.js:4002
at d (angular.js:4144)
at e (angular.js:4176)
at Object.instantiate (angular.js:4193)
at angular.js:8462
at ui-bootstrap-tpls.min.js:8
at angular.js:13189

Regards, Andreas.

Can anyone check/confirm please?

Getting more precise on the use case:

  • in the flowable-admin app
  • go to ProcessInstance detail view (…/flowable-admin/#/process-instance/4524)
  • select the tab “Variables”
  • click on the button “+Add Variable” or “Update variable” or “Delete the variable”

None of these variable edit options ist working and leads to the mentioned js console error.

Getting this feature working (again) would be very helpful for debugging process definitions/executions.

Yes, you’ve hit a bug indeed. Fixed it here on master:

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