Add SMTP Configuration for Docker version of flowable

Hi Team
we would like to add SMTP Configuration for Docker version of flowable. what are the environment variable to SET



have a look here;

These can be provided to the container in different ways. With the latest image version command line arguments can also be used for this.
For example;

docker run -p8080:8123 flowable/flowable-ui --flowable.mail.server.port=1234


any ways to verify the configuration at first run?? @yvo

Hi @yvo

docker run -p 8080:8080
-e flowable.mail.server.port=587
-e flowable.mail.server.username=apikey
-e flowable.mail.server.password=<APIKEY>
-e flowable.mail.server.use-ssl=false
-e flowable.mail.server.use-tls=false

This how we are running image but mails are not working, fine from SMTP side


If you are providing environment variables then you need to apply the correct naming convention; f.e. FLOWABLE_MAIL_SERVER_HOST etc. Refer to the Spring docs for more info and have a look at our example configs.

Or you provide command line arguments as given as an example in my previous post. Then you don’t have to apply that ‘uppercase underscore naming convention’.