Active Passive deployment - Flowable application

Hi, We have Flowable implemented application deployed in Active-Passive model. So whenever there was an entry to Timer Job table and it tries for 3 attempts and in case of failed to process it moves to dead letter table. This is expected in Active datacenter, where as in passive data center it does the same in parallel. Please note both data centers has its own DB and its 2 way replica.

We end up with DB replica broke up since both the datacenters are processing timer table record by its own. Let us know is there any way to stop passive data center not to process the timer job or set retries are zero ? Appreciate your quick help on this.

Hey @sab,

In order to stop the passive data center from processing the timer jobs you’ll need to disable the async executors that are running in that instance.

e.g. flowable.async-executor-activate=true


@filiphr - thank you very much for your reply, we tested the provided property & it works. But we have to make ON/OFF (true/false) between active - passive datacenter. Is there any API in Flowable compensate this property ? Appreciate your help in this.


I am also looking similar solution… let me know if you find anything…

Hi @filiphr… below code seems to be working…is it recommended?? Does it has any deeper threat to thread pool or performance. Appreciate your feedback.


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