A showcase workflow

I have a suggestion for documentation.
It would be nice to create a one big showcase workflow with UI forms on user tasks.
Those forms would show the code and what is happening on each step and teach a user how
to implement real application.

It should cover different types pf elements of workflow and form elements, decision tables, content, etc.

Just one big self documented workflow application for documentation.


We are currently working on a simple showcase for the Flowable 6 userguide, that described each part of the different UIs.

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This is a very good idea. I am using BPMN for ISO 9001 and now I start trying Flowable to implement my process and a complete showcase will be greatly appreciate.

Many thank for your effort to provide Flowable with quality and as OSS


This article provides a good overview of the different UI apps in Flowable:

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@mlegloanec @mgrouch

Hi there, I think that the flowable showcase can be driven by the community.

So we can work together.

If you have any process that we can model and include like examples on the project, that wold be very nice.

Please contact me if you want to work on this.


I started to use this article, and it is a good way to discover Flowable.

Many thanks