6.8.2 unable to pass data to child

I have a parent process and a subprocess.
I defined a process variable in the parent process and i am using flowable:in to pass the value of the parent process variable to the sub process. Next, I use flowable:out to set a value in the parent process.

When I run the process, my finding is that the data is not being passed.

Can I please get some troubleshooting tips?


Anyone? @filiphr @martin.grofcik

The scenario you describe should work. Can you share the BPMN XML so we can try it for ourselves?


This is my BPMN file. I created the initial process using the Modeler app. I added the process variables for parent and child and the flowable:in and flowable:out and I uploaded the file back into the Modeler app.

When you run the process, the output is

the value of subOuputVar is incorrect.

I also observed that when I download the model, my process variables and flowable:in/ out settings are gone.

If I am making a mistake, kindly let me know where.


So I went back to 6.7.1 to try this scenario. If flowable open source supports flowable:in, flowable:out and processVariable, then I am doing something totally wrong or there is a bug somewhere.

I saw on another thread by @Dimi.K that he is having an issue with calling a process and passing data back and forth.

In case anyone’s interested,

  • I was able to get my use case to work using call activity

  • Still can’t get sub-process to work

Hi Sanjay,

For subprocesses the parent and child share variables (initially) so flowable:in and flowable:out do nothing.
In your child script you can use the ‘myParentVar’ in your script.

For calling another process (separate bpmn file) call activity is the way to go, in which flowable:in/out can be used.