Wizard - how to make next section dependable on inputs in previous


When using Wizard element,
is there any way to control which section to display next, depending on the choice a user made on a previous section?

Just for example
I have 3 sections (forms for my Wizard)
Section1, Section2, Section3

Choose property type
Car (Radio button1)
Apartment (Radio button2)

Enter car details
Make (Dropdownlist)
Model (Dropdownlist)
Mileage (text box)
Year (Dropdownlist)

Section 3
Size m2 (textbox)
Number of bedrooms (textbox)
Address (textbox)

I want to implement a conditional transition to the next form.

If a user selects car option (radio button) on the first form and presses next, I would like Wizard to display Section2 as the next form.

If the user chooses the apartment option then display - Section3

Is there any way to do that?