Schema to Database

Documentation indicates that mostly relational database are supported. Is it possible to have a graph dB as a backend? Has anyone done this in the past?

I suggest you test it. download the war files, navigate to WEB-INF -> classes and then flowable properties. you can see these options:





I don’t see grahDB but it doens’t hurt to try since i don’t see any reason for it not work. change your options, load up a tomCat server and test it out.

Yes there has been investigation in the past.

See this forum post.

With version 6 the data persistence for Flowable is fully pluggable allowing for alternative implementations such as recent CroachroachDB (see this blog post) implementation in 6.4.2 and experiments with MongoDB (see this blog post).

And there is this branch of work done by Joram Barrez using Neo4j.

No, unless the graphDB understands jdbc, it won’t work. The default implementation assumes a relation database and sql.

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