Retry the Service task is not working


I have below flowable process with below service taks

Start-> Create PDF -> Send Request to CPI - >Send Completion Email - End

All the above service tasks are making external service call and the happy path is working as expected. But I am trying to test the failure scenario by making call unavailable service from ‘Create PDF’ , but it is not retrying.

I could see 503 Service Unavailable error on the log . But retry is not happening.

Here is my BPMN file,

I configured below only property file,


Also here is my execute method implementation in CreatePDFServiceDelegate class.

public void execute(DelegateExecution execution){

	LOG.debug("*** START *** Call External PDF Creation Service.");   
	CreatePDFFileRequest createPDFFileRequest =(CreatePDFFileRequest) execution.getVariable("createPDFFileRequest");
	String pdfServiceURL= (String) execution.getVariable("pdfServiceURL");
	RESTClientUtil.setTimeout(restTemplate, WorkFlowConstants.readTimeOut.intValue(),WorkFlowConstants.connTimout.intValue());
	HttpEntity requestEntity = new HttpEntity<>(createPDFFileRequest);
	ResponseEntity<String> responseEntity =, HttpMethod.POST, requestEntity, String.class);
	JSONObject jsonObject=new JSONObject(responseEntity.getBody());		
	String filenetId=jsonObject.getJSONObject("payload").getString("fileNetId");
	LOG.debug("*** Filenet Id***:"+filenetId);	
	execution.setVariable("filnetGuid", filenetId);
	LOG.debug("*** END *** Call External PDF Creation Service.");  

Some one please help on this.


Any suggestion would be appreciated. I am still checking what I am missing here.

Add try catch and in catch section wrap exception in BpmnError