Programmatic API to create parallelgateway with gatewayDirection

I’m trying to specify gatewayDirection while creating ParallelGateway programattically. I can’t find any API to do that. Both Gateway() and ParallelGateway() java classes do not have an field/method to set the direction.

All the examples of fork and join I have seen are using the XML directly.

Hey @mpprdev,

Currently, the gatewayDirection has influence on the runtime execution and there is no way to set it programatically.

However, if this is something that you need we are more than willing to accept a PR that will add the gatewayDirection to the Gateway.


Thanks @filiphr. When I search the repo, I don’t see any reference of gatewayDirection being used in the whole repository (except in XSD). Can you point me to the place in runtime execution where it is being used?

Hey @mpprdev, sorry I made a typo. I meant that the gatewayDirection has no influence on the runtime behavior. We don’t need it at all.