'ProcessEngineConfiguration in Java' vs 'Localhost Web UI'

Just want to clarify process engine initiated from pure Java code (no web ui) is completely separate process than that is accessible via localhost?.
I am facing below issues:

  1. i can send signal (trigger - signal event) only to processes deployed through respective platforms
  2. even same with message (receive task).
    How can i make inter-process communication b/w these two.
    PS: i am trying to send signal/message from Java Delegate to WebUI process. Business need: java delegate continuously monitors DB (thread that runs infinitely) as and when a new row gets inserted a kind of singal needs to be sent back to process the new row that got inserted.

Also my business need mostly done through flowable-task web ui, not Java alone.


The process engine will run on the JVM, which means you can interact with it using regular java classes in the same JVM. If you want to expose it, you’d need to use REST or whatever technology you prefer that calls to the process engine.

They would need to have a communication layer that goes over the network. If your proces engine runs in the JVM alone, it won’t be reachable by others.