Problem granting user privileges

I successfully changed database for flowable-idm to mssql2008R2. However when i try to grant a user workflow privileges, it doesn’t show any user in search box, but when i change the database to h2, it works well.

I have installed Flowable v6.2.0


Did you also try with a later release of MSSQL, a release that’s a bit newer than almost 10 years :slight_smile: ?
Do you see any error message in the console?

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I have not explained the problem correctly.
I am using Flowable-idm web app and I am going to create user accounts and groups and then granting different access to these users and groups. I can create users and groups successfully but also when trying to assign users to groups from “+add user” link placed in Groups form, it does not show any user name when I type in “search by name” text box.
On the other hand, when I create a process model in the “FlowBoard-Modeler” web app, and I want to assign a user account to one of the user tasks, all the usernames appear below the search box.
Please visit the images have been uploaded.flowable-idm

And it is an image from flowable-modelereflowable-modeler

what you said is right. It may be necessary to use SQLSERVER 2014. CONCAT could not execute in sql2008