Mark stage as Complete even if there are tasks pending in it, using user event listeners and exit sentries

Is there a way to complete a stage using exit sentry conditions and user listeners even if there is a blocking task as active within the stage.

We’ve tried using the method specified in the below link, using exitEventType, but it didn’t work.

We were able to mark the stage’s state as ‘Terminated’ and complete the tasks within the stage by giving the transition type as ‘Occur’ between the exit sentry and the user listener.

But we wish to mark the stage’s state value also as Complete. Is there a way to get this functionality.


Try setting the “Completion Neutral” on Task 1.

No change even after the task was marked as ‘Completion Neutral’.

Have you tried using forceComplete as the value? From the docs ( it states it should leave the stage in completed, but terminate any active child plan item instance.