It is recommended to add AUTO-INCREACEMENT-ID in all tables & the duaration of activity should last at least 1 ms

  1. At present, the primary key of all tables is UUID. Using AUTO-INCREACEMENT-ID as the primary key is recommended on MySQL-InnoDB engine. The specific reason is related to the reading of disk.

  2. If the database is a distributed storage database, the AUTO-INCREACEMENT-ID above cannot guarantee the strict order. If act_hi_actinst query needs to be arranged in chronological order, its secondary sorting factors will be inaccurate, resulting in confusion. This problem is found in our practical application. Moreover, if the modification of AUTO-INCREACEMENT-ID is not added, the sorting of act_hi_actinst is still likely to be confused. Therefore, it is recommended that the duration of each activity should be at least 1 ms, And ensure that the start time of all nodes is different.

Yes! I did have this sorting problem when a distributed DB based on. :joy:

The introduction of field ‘transaction_order’ in activity instance entity resolved this ordering problem since 6.6.0 release.release notes