Issues when saving DMN files / Work with collections

The quote issue looks like a bug.
Please create an issue on GitHub for this so that we plan to fix.


Hi all.

At this point I really don’t know how to express my frustration with this entire process. Yesterday evening I decided to give the Trial version a go, I loaded one of my DMN files on it, I did some changes, I had no issues at all (but didn’t test all the situations I reported before), I did noticed some features that are in the free version that are not on the trial like the ability to change the id and name of the decision tables, but it seemed good enough.

However, after I save the table and exported the DMN to my environment and started my app I immediately got this error:

Internal Server Error: Error instantiating bean of type [org.flowable.dmn.api.DmnDecisionService]\n\nMessage: cvc-elt.1.a: Cannot find the declaration of element ‘definitions’.

I did noticed that the default namespace changed and there is a new xmlns:dmndi, but in any case I’m using the latest version of Flowable (v6.6.0), how is this possible to happen?

If it was just me I would abandon all this editors and do my changes by hand, but what am I going to say to the BAs that are the ones that create them in the first place?

It seems my only option is let them use the free version and then correct all the bugs by hand, directly in the files. This is very very frustrating, to say the least.

Anyway, what do i do in relation to the error above?


I want to reply here, as I don’t want people that come here via searching to get the wrong impression. Many people (and customers) use Flowable and DMN every day and are happily doing so.

Yet, this is what you do and did. Keep in mind that this is a forum for an open source project. Many people responding here are doing this on a voluntary basis. We aren’t forcing anybody to use anything.

This is possible in Flowable Design, but it’s in a different place (you need to go the details of a model).

I’m not a DMN expert (@yvo is), but I assume it is because the version in Design is ahead of what’s in OSS. Most likely the master/main branch build can cope with this.

A lot would help if we can reproduce the problem, which would be possible with sharing models or a model that shows the problem.

Regarding the error.
Flowable Design generates DMN 1.3 compliant files.
Flowable OSS supports this also; but not yet on the latest released version. It does on master.
So if you want to load DMN files created in Flowable Design in Flowable Modeler (OSS) you will need to run a recent master build (6.6.1-SNAPSHOT). This of course until the next public release.

Hy Yvo, thanks for the info, is there a date for the next public release?

In the meantime I successfully implemented a Delegate Function implementing the logic I described a few posts ago, is it simple enough to create a “operator” like the ANY OF, NONE OF… and associate it with my custom delegate function?


Hi @amsmota ,

Cool that you have implemented your own delegate!
Making this available in the UI as an additional operator in the dropdown won’t be very easy I’m afraid.
Currently there are no hook points in the UI provided for that.
What you can do is executing that from a custom expression. This enables you to define a JUEL expression which calls your delegate function.

For example;
${collection:noneOf(collection1, "test5")}