Is it possible to choose two separate paths with end events simultaneously and Can I keep a Intermediate Signal Throw event without any outgoing sequenceflow

Hi guys,

I have two question regarding the following model.

  1. Can I simply throw a signal event(intermediate signal event) without any outgoing sequence flow from it?

  2. Here the signal will throw only if condition is true. In either case, the task 3 will be executed. So if the signal is thrown additionally the task 5 will be executed(which will be catch by boundary signal event) and will be ended. Still the tasks Task 3 & Task 4 also should be executed. So is it wrong to keep two end events like this?

Is my approach for this model is wrong? If so can you guys suggest better method.

  1. Yes, that’s possible. Didn’t it work?
  2. That’s fine. Every end event ends the ‘current path of execution’. If there are multiple (parallel) paths, they can be ended with different end events. Note that there is also the ‘terminate all’ end event, which will end all executions of the process instance when it is reached.
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Thanks for the reply @joram. I was concerned whether the approach is good or bad. The reply was helpful.