FormHandlerUtil doesn't allow to use custom StartFormHandler implementation

To get start form I use FormService to retrieve StartFormData.
It used GetStartFormCmd to get StartFormHandler by FormHandlerUtil.
But FormHandlerUtil always create DefaultStartFormHandler.
It would prefer to use some configuration property or bean to customize this handler.

The reason is I want have “isReadable” properties in response data. But DefaultFormHandler skips non-readable properties in initializeFormProperties method. I wan’t to use this fields as hidden elements on the client side.

Is there the easy way to get StartFormData/TaskFormData with non-readable fields? And why default form handler skips that non-readable fields?


Indeed, the class should have been an instance that can be configured in the engine config, as typically is done. This has been fixed last week:

Wonderful! Thanks, Joram!