Flowable with Mongo DB clarifications

Hi All,

We are using Flowable 6.7.2 with Mongo DB.

When a workflow in completed (Reached end event), in historicProcessInstances collection, the document is not consistent, (i.e) some process instances document has endActivityId and endTime details and few doesn’t have. The process instances which doesn’t have enActivityId is actually completed.

Can I pls know what is the logic behind this ? and when this keys endActivityId and endTime will be added to a process instance.

I have attached a sample document with and without those keys. Note: Both the process instances are completed

Without Keys

With Keys

Thanks in advance,
Sriram B

As you can read on GitHub - flowable/flowable-mongodb, the mongodb integration was done a long time ago and is in alpha state at best (we haven’t got much interest in it using-wise nor contribution-wise), chances are high its simply not implemented yet.

ok @joram ,

Thanks for the info,