Flowable and Google Cloud Function

We have to call a Google Cloud Function by using Flowable, however the permissions to this Cloud Function are restricted to a specific Google service account (OAuth2). How can I configure Flowable in such a way that it uses the service account to authenticate?

Hey @Remco,

How are you calling the Google Cloud Function with Flowable? Are you using the HTTP Task for that?


Hi @filiphr,

The main problem is the authentication. Calling the Cloud Function will work when authentication is disabled, but that’s not a preferred situation. Usually when we authenticate, we configure it like this:

token url: „/oauth/token?grant_type=password&username=<username>&password=<password>“
request type: POST
client id: trusted_client
client secret: secret
Password:  XXX 

But in case of a Google Service Account, we only have the keyfile (JSON) which has been obtained from our Google Cloud project. Any clue how we can configure that?

Thanks a lot,

Hey Remco,

And how would you do curl request with this?

Asking since I don’t know how Google Service Account Works.