ContentItemEntityImpl is missing id (contentId)

Describe the bug
I use endpoint /cmmn-runtime/tasks/{taskId}/variables/{variableName}/data to get variable data and then deserialize but the data is missing the id

Expected behavior
The content id is should be included after serialize
(ContentItemEntityImpl have to add protected String id);


The data before serialize (id have value)

The data after serialize and it is been deserialize

Hey @mhvtrung,

I see that you cross posted this question in the Flowable Issue Tracker as well (ContentItemEntityImpl is missing id (contentId) · Issue #2998 · flowable/flowable-engine · GitHub).

The answer has been provided there. The ContentItem is not meant to be serialised as a variable in such a way. You will need to find a different way to tore the information.

For the future please do not cross post your questions.