CMMN Case Unit Test Best Practice

I am writing unit tests for my CMMN case. It is a very simple case with a HumanTask succeeded by a milestone with a sentry. I am completing my task, using the CmmnTaskService, but then I am struggling to come up with good assertions to prove that the case has passed the milestone.
When I run the same case in the all-in-one docker image I can see visually that the milestone was passed, but I can’t figure out a query for my unit test. I’ve tried:

    // The case should now have passed the milestone for clearing the account
    List<HistoricMilestoneInstance> historicMilestones = cmmnHistoryService.createHistoricMilestoneInstanceQuery().milestoneInstanceCaseInstanceId(currentCase.getId()).list();
    assertThat(historicMilestones).as("historic milestones").hasSize(1);
    assertThat(historicMilestones.get(0).getName()).isEqualTo("Account Cleared");

    List<MilestoneInstance> milestones = cmmnRuntimeService.createMilestoneInstanceQuery()
    assertThat(milestones.get(0).getName()).isEqualTo("Account Cleared");

I would appreciate it if I was pointed to any unit tests in the Flowable GitHub that have a good example of the assertion I need.

Sorry if I wasted anyone’s time thinking about this. It turns out that these are indeed good validations, it was the unit test that was wrong. Mea culpa.
I am leaving this in the hope that it helps someone with their unit test assertions.

Thanks for pasting back.

FYI, the unit tests in the cmmn-engine module have ample tests for this, e.g. see