BAR App deployment via ReST does not increment app definition version


I’m a newbie, trying to get right scenario of Flowable usage with ReST.

Just noticed that app deployment with Modeler UI creates new ‘app deployment’ with ‘app definition’ version incremented. But, when deploying BAR app with ReST call, appropriate ‘app definition’ version is always 1.
So, I cannot ReST-GET latest app definition correctly (call with ‘?latest=true’ returns both definitions).

Am I doing something wrong? How can I achieve app definition version auto-increment?

Can you demonstrate the steps you are following so that someone else can reproduce them?

For example, using curl:

Step 1:

curl -i 'http://admin:test@localhost:8080/flowable-task/process-api/runtime/tasks?sort=createTime&order=asc'

Step 2:


Or share some sample code:

const httpOptions = {
  headers: new HttpHeaders({
    'Content-Type':  'application/json',
    'Authorization': 'Basic ' + btoa('admin:test')

  providedIn: 'root'
export class TaskListService {

  private processEngineUriPrefix = '/flowable-task/process-api/runtime/';

  constructor(private httpClient: HttpClient,
              private logger: LoggerService) {}

  public getTasks(): Observable<TaskListModel>   {

    const endpoint = `${this.processEngineUriPrefix}tasks?sort=createTime&order=asc`;

    return this.httpClient.get<any>(endpoint, httpOptions).pipe(

      catchError(this.handleError('getTasks', []))


  private handleError<T>(operation = 'operation', result?: T) {
    return (error: any): Observable<T> => {


      return of(result as T);



  "/flowable-task/*": {
    "target": "http://localhost:8080",
    "secure": false

And a screen shot:


Note: I’m a Flowable REST newbie too - Getting started with Flowable