All the boundary timer jobs are not getting executed

Hi All,

In my bpmn, there are two user tasks with boundary timers each with 5mins(0 0/5 * * * ?). At the due date of the timer jobs, only either of the boundary timer jobs get executed.

I’m using the flowable version 6.7.0. The configuration “setAsyncExecutorActivate” is set as true. And i am providing the cron expression in the “time cycle” parameter as below,

0 0/5 * * * ?

Do i need to add any configuration to execute all the jobs ?

Thanks in advance !

Sriram B.

I am using boundary timers in my bpmn. At the due date of each timer jobs, i could see the jobs creating in the db but the jobs are not getting executed.

The below is the configuration for the boundary timer,

Kindly help me out in resolving this.

Thanks !

Hi Sriram,

Is job executor active?
(check process engine configuration)


Hi @martin.grofcik ,
yes the job executor is active… pls refer the below image

Sriram B

Hey @sriramb,

You never mentioned that you are using the MongoDB integration. Have a look at Jobs are not getting executed - #13 by filiphr. Our MongoDB integration is in alpha state and it isn’t recommended for production usage.


ok @filiphr,

Got it. We’ll check